Diligence Tool

Respond to due diligence request lists with AI

Use AI to automatically find and extract answers to due diligence requests lists from your contracts.

Diligence Lens Request List Screen
Diligence Lens Request List Screen

How it works

Upload a request list

Tell us what information has been requested so our AI can determine the answers.

Sync your file storage

Allow DiligenceLens AI to read your contacts and respond to requests.

Share your results

Review the AI’s results, add to them where necessary, and share responses with your prospective buyer.

Use the same AI as your buyer's lawyers

Our underlying technology is used by 18 of the world’s top 25 M&A law firms.

Stop combing through endless contracts

Upload your relevant contracts (or all of them) and DiligenceLens will identify which ones are relevant to your due diligence request list.

Automate due diligence today

Speak with one of our AI experts to get started.

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